Cautions and considerations

Mushrooms produce spores as they develop. This is fungi’s natural way of reproducing (just like the seeds of a plant). This fine, dust-like powder usually sets beneath the mushroom caps. In order to catch excess spores, always place a damp newspaper at the bottom of the kit, as explained on our instructions. This will help maintain a steady humidity which will allow your mushrooms to grow! Most spores are created when mushroom caps are concave (with their caps ‘facing up’), so harvesting your mushrooms whilst young will minimize the amount of spores produced. Harvesting young mushies also ensures the best taste and texture, as well as a longer shelf life.

By following our growing instructions, we guarantee at least 1 flush.  

Our mission is to propagate gourmet mushroom cultivation as a way for people to grow more of their own food. We want to ensure you are satisfied and have the best possible experience with our products. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so If you have any queries/concerns not answered in our FAQ, please contact us with pictures so we can help.

Please Note:

  • Always use adequate Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Although rare, people without known allergic reactions or immune compromised systems may experience respiratory irritation due to airborne spores. 
  • People with allergies or compromised immune systems should consider a well ventilated area to place your kit (for example, we don’t suggest placing your growing kit in your bedroom)
  • Make sure to cook your home-grown mushrooms thoroughly. If it is the first time consuming this kind of mushroom, please start with a small amount to see how your body responds.
  • Our product range shall be used only for lawful purposes. The FunGuy WA will not be liable to you or any other person for any damages of any kind in connection with our products. We make no warranties of any kind, except those required by law.
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