Pink Oyster Mushroom

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A easy and fast growing Oyster Mushroom, needs warm weather, suitable for spring and early autumn grow in Perth’s temperate climate.
Favorite to grow over hot summer months, due to its high temperature requirments, can be grown indoors without air conditioning.

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Scientific Name: Pleurotus Djamour – Pink Oyster
Difficulty: Beginners – Fast Grower in warm climate, fade but strong mycelium run.
Application: Edible
Characteristics: Medium Pink oyster mushroom. Side growing. Doesn’t develop much of a stem, it’s gilled cap protruding from substrate
Temperature Range: Warm strain (need at least 18°c to fruit), temperature range 18-30°c (Best 18-26°c )
Cooking: Suitable for any dish you would consider using mushrooms, sweet and seafood notes.

Full Growing Guides and Frequent Asked Questions.

Cautions and considerations while growing mushrooms.

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