You’re a champgnion card by Kimmy

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“You’re a champgnion” card by @kimmyartco
Share your Mush Love with someone by leaving a custom message which will be print in your chosen card and sent.

The FunGuy cards project commissioned our fav artists to drawn Mushroom themed greeting cards so you can gift a loved one with (or without) a custom message.
All proceeds from this card sale go to the artist or artist chosen institution.

KIMMY is an American illustration artist inspired by graffiti and psychedelics. Her art and color pallete always impress!

"The goal of my artwork and as a human on this Earth is to be able to spread positivity and love, counteracting the negative interactions we have on a day-to-day basis. I want to encourage people to follow their curiosity and realize the beauty and creativity within them, and all around them. Art gives me energy, and I do my best to share that energy with the people around me." Kimmy

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